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Wilderness survival training

Find your wilderness survival training course at this page:

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Water-gathering tools

Many survivors carry lightweight mylar 'space blankets' in their kits. These make excellent body heat retainers, shelters against weather, signaling panels

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Unless you've built a Teepee, it's usually impossible to build a fire inside your shelter. Ring your campfire with grapefruit sized rocks. You can't take

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Wilderness survival knife

Your wilderness survival knife is an invaluable asset in the wilderness so when choosing your knife remember these guidelines: . . .

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Wilderness survival skills for safe wilderness travel

Learn wilderness survival skills and ensure you can take care of yourself, and your loved ones on your next wilderness excursion.

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The 6 Methods Of Starting Fire Without Using Matches

The link of fire and man can be traced back through the ages. Before empires and civilizations were established, early man has already learned how to make

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Survival in the wilderness

Learn how to prioritize the basic human needs for survival in the wilderness.

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More life saving tips regarding trees

The more I learn about trees the more I feel I will be able to survive in any emergency I may find myself in while in the wilderness. Several trees that

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My Favorite Knife Isn't Actually a Knife.

Although I do carry a small Gerber folding knife daily, every time I go on a hike or a camping trip, I always take my axe. It is hand forged in Canada,

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Extreme Preppers and their logic

Seems everywhere we look these days everyone is becoming more and more into Survival, either from a Catastrophe or for fear of Government break down, I

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