4 Prong Spear

by Alex Wiser Age 10

4 tips on a spear are certainly better than one. This type of spear is very easy to create, and widens your hunting area. For example, if you have a spear with only one tip, you can only hit your animal in one place. Having 4 tips gives you the ability to hit the animal in four places, therefore widening your range.

To begin with, find a sapling that is almost as tall as you and is about two inches in diameter. Make sure it is green. Now, about 3 inches from the tip, make a flat surface (cut directly down on the stick).

When you are done with that, you should split the stick down the middle about 16 inches down. At the end facing towards the middle, lash the stick so it doesn't split further. From there, make another split that cuts the other split in half. It should be just as long as the first one.

Now, find two green twigs and put them in between your split (so the splits stay open). Furthermore, make a new lashing on the new split. That way, the opener twigs won't fall out, and the new split doesn't brake even further.

Since the 4 prongs should have already made their appearance, start to sharpen the inside of them, then sharpen the outside. Sharpen any part that hasn't been and there you have it, a four prong spear!


If you want, make an atlatl. An atlatl is the thing Native Americans used to throw their spears. To make an atlatl, find a thick stick. It should be thicker than the spear.

Now make a place in the stick that is carved down to the point that the spear will fit in it smoothly. Then, find another sapling that your hand will fit around. Make this the handle.

Now it starts to get tricky. Drill the handle into the main piece to the point that the two are closely bonded and tight, but the nail doesn't stick up.

Now take any leftover wood. This wood must still be contiguous (intact). Take this wood and make something that fits the end of your spear loosely. It should bee able to drill into the other side of the atlatl.

Now, the spear should be able to fit easily into the atlatl. Your spear will be able to fly through the air very quickly and it should have great stability. That is if everything was made correctly.

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