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The Wilderness Survivor, Issue #031- Rss feed
May 13, 2007
The Wilderness Survivor E-zine is dedicated to bringing our readers information and practical tips about wilderness survival skills.

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Hello ,

This is the last issue of the e-mail version of the The Wilderness Survivor newsletter. Now it's time to do the final transition to the web-based alternative to stay updated about wilderness survival. Already in the Wilderness Survivor November 2005 I started to inform about the Wilderness Survival blog.

Why this change?

We are all suffering of all the e-mails we get.... E-mail as a communicating tool is loosing its importance. The new way is RSS feed. RSS feed is a real simple way for you to subscribe and read the content published at the Wilderness Survival Skills and also other of your favorite web sites. "Fast and easy"! No need to click "Get Mail."

It give you as a user total control. Donít want the subscription anymore? You delete it in a second. Total control includes total anonymity, no worries about giving out your e-mail address.

More about RSS feed

Visit the Wilderness Survival blog to learn more.

Actually there are far more subscribers to the Wilderness Survival blog then to the The Wilderness Survivor e-mail. However I hope this transition will not mean I lose you as reader. I really hope you continue to keep you updated about the Wilderness Survival Skills website.

Thanks for all your encouragement and ideas.

Thank you so much for reading, participating in, and contributing to The Wilderness Survivor newsletter in the past.

The Advanced Wilderness Survival Quiz

Have you seen I'm done with the second survival Quiz, the more advanced part. I was done with it last week. If you are a subscriber to the Wilderness Survival blog you know this already.

Take the quiz!

See you on the web!

Have a safe and fun wilderness trip - Respect and protect the wilderness !

Best Regards Erik C. Falk

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