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The Wilderness Survivor, Issue #016 - Anti diarrhea medication
September 01, 2005
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Table of contents

- Editor's Notes
- Anti diarrhea medication
- Content has been updated

Editor's Notes

Hello ,

Hope everything is well with you and that you are ready for a new issue of the Wilderness Survivor.

Water purification is crucial for all wilderness travelers. Drinking contaminated water can lead to serious stomach upset - diarrhea. Continue to read this issue of the Wilderness Survivor and you will learn how to treat yourself in case you need it.

Enjoy your reading!

Have a safe and fun wilderness trip - Respect and protect the wilderness !

Anti diarrhea medication

As a wilderness traveler or survivor you very easily can get diarrhea as a result of consuming contaminated food or water. Diarrhea is one of nature's defense systems to help the body get rid of toxins and poisons as quickly as possible.

Drink plenty

It's important to drink plenty of fluids when you have a bout of diarrhea. You have to replace the fluid lost by your body and to keep from becoming dehydrated.


Anti-diarrhea medication should be included in your first aid kit. But if for some reason it's not, you can make your own. A good treatment for diarrhea is charcoal powder mixed with water. A small amount of charcoal slurry will settle the stomach. Charcoal powder can easily be produced when required, at least if you have a fire.

Prepare your charcoal slurry

Take charcoal from a cold fire. Grid it to a powder. Mix it with clean water. A suitable mix for diarrhea is about 1 tablespoon of charcoal to a cup of pure water.

Charcoal will stop the diarrhea quickly by adsorbing the toxins that are causing the problem. Drink 1-3 glasses per day, until the desired results are achieved.

Yes, charcoal slurry tastes awful. But the alternative is not so pleasant either.

Content has been updated

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Written by Erik C. Falk

(c) copyright 2005

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