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The Wilderness Survivor, Issue #025 - bear attack
July 17, 2006
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Table of contents

- Editor's Notes
- Have you heard about RSS feed?
- Bear attack
- Content has been updated

Editor's Notes

Hello ,

Hope all is well with you and you are ready for the Wilderness Survivor.

This issue will give you advice for hiking in bear country. What to do in a bear attack situation. I got this tip from Steve Ross. He is living in British Columbia and is a devoted hiker. Thank you Steve for your contribution.

Why not take the opportunity to share your tips or experience? Send it to me and I will publish it in the next issue of the Wilderness Survivor.

Enjoy your reading!

Have a safe and fun wilderness trip - Respect and protect the wilderness!

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Advice for hiking in bear country

I want to add some bear safety tips to the These tips will help you to minimize risk if your are hiking in bear country.

1. Keep alert, avoid surprising bears at close range. Bears tend to be more active at dawn and dusk. If you see signs of bear make plenty of noise or if you want to be on the safe side make noise regularly to alert bears. They will likely move away and you’ll never know they were in the area.

2. Keep a clean camp and cook away from your tent. Store all food away from your campsite. Hang your food out of reach of bears and store your food in plastic. Bears have keen noses and are great diggers.

3. If you come face-to-face with a bear, never run. Bears can run several times faster than humans. Move away slowly. Do not panic or make jerky motions.

4. If the bear attacks - go to the ground, cover the back of your head and neck with your hands – play dead. Do not attempt at any time to take off your backpack it will protect your back.

Steve Ross

Content has been updated

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Written by Erik C. Falk

(c) copyright 2006

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