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The Wilderness Survivor, Issue #009 - Outdoor first aid
January 02, 2005
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Table of contents

- Editor's Notes
- Outdoor first aid
- Content has been updated
- Share your tips and experience

Editor's Notes

Hello ,

I feel a need to ask all of you to please spare a thought for those who are living in the Asian countries where the tsunami disaster happened a few days ago. Many of these folks either fell victim to this disaster, or have family members, friends or acquaintances who did.

Also Iím sure there are some of you who know people who were caught up in this disaster whilst vacationing in one or more of these Asian countries. To all of you: Although I might not know you in person, please be assured that my thoughts and prayers are with you - may God bless and comfort you.

The subject of this issue of the Wilderness Survivor is outdoor first aid. To have basic First Aid knowledge is a responsibility we all have. If you are in the wilderness or in a city - be prepared to help if an accident happen.

I wish all of my subscribers a happy and blessed new year - may 2005 bring you and yours all the best.

Don't forget that wilderness survival skills and learning is a powerful and exhilarating experience.

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Basic outdoor first aid

In order for injured people to come through a survival situation alive, the correct first aid must be given immediately. Consequently, you must know what to do, and be confident enough to take action immediately.

Without the professional backup of ambulances and hospitals, the continued care of seriously injured people is a major problem. But you can treat minor injuries and keep serious casualties stable until further help is available. Although there are innumerable injuries and ailments that could affect you, as long as you learn the basic principles of first aid, you can apply them to almost any situation.

Basic First Aid Priorities

Take 10 minutes out from your busy schedule and learn about basic outdoor first aid

Broken leg

To treat a broken leg, first dress any puncture wounds. Put padding between both legs.

Immobilize the broken leg by binding the good leg to it. Tie the knots on the good leg. Wrap a figure-eight bandage around the feet and ankles to support them.

Moving a seriously injured person over rough ground is a nightmare. To avoid worsening the injury during the move, the injured part must be comfortably secured and immobilized.

Content has been updated

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Written by Erik C. Falk


(c) copyright 2004

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