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The Wilderness Survivor, Issue #027 - Winter car survival kit
January 06, 2007
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Table of contents

- Editor's Notes
- Have you heard about RSS feed?
- Prepare your Winter Car Survival kit
- Content has been updated

Editor's Notes

Hello ,

I hope all is going well with you. Please, take a couple of minutes out from your busy schedule and read this issue of the Wilderness Survivor - Time to prepare your winter car survival kit!?

Enjoy your reading!

Have a safe and fun wilderness trip - Respect and protect the wilderness!

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Prepare your Winter Car Survival kit

Even you are not a wilderness camper or hiker you have to worry about knowing how to survive outdoors. Because anyone driving in remote areas especially during winter months is at risk of ending up in a wilderness survival situation. Winter weather can be extremely unpredictable.

However a little knowledge and preparation can go a long way in preventing survival situations.

Always tell someone where you are going, the route you are planning to take and your estimated time of arrival so that they can raise the alarm if you do not arrive. If you get in trouble you should stay with the vehicle and wait for help to arrive.

Always have a survival kit in your car that never gets taken out.

Essential items to have in a winter car survival kit:

Flashlights and extra batteries.
A multitool knife.
Extra set of clothes - so you can turn the car off and still stay warm.
Extra socks, gloves and hats.
Waterproof matches and candle - used to help keep warm.
Small can - to melt snow for drinking water.
Local maps.
Tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrench).
Road flares.
Jumper Cables.
Small shovel.
Set of tire chains.
First aid kit and know how to use it.
Bottled water.
Food e.g nuts, dried fruit or energy bars.
Cell phone - make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged.

Anything missing ? If so contact me.

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Written by Erik C. Falk

(c) copyright 2006

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