ADVICE NEEDED on Desert Survival Kit

by Todd Owen

My wife and I are looking to do a hike up to Moab,Utahin the next few months. We live in Denver, Co so the drive is not too far. However I am seeking advice from ANYONE who has REAL knowledge up there in the elements.

I am very knowledgeable when it comes to survival in the mountains and back country of Colorado.

I am seeking any viable REAL TIPS that would allow me to be covered and prepared for said trip.

No plans on the exact location as of yet, but my wife and I do not like dealing with too many people when we hike, thats why we do it to escape from people ... LoL seriously though, if you have some Survival gear tips or even advice please reply back on here.

Thanks in advance and Happy Survival to you all.

Prepare for your wilderness adventure.

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Clean Water
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Camping/Hiking in the Moab area of Utah.
by: Bob Hansen

I've spent months in the Moab area...especially in Castle both Winter and Summer. In Summer it gets HOT...!! At higher elevations it will be much plan for temperature fluctuation eventualities.

Also, you'l be sharing this area...with rattle-snakes and scorpions. Again, be prepared. Many of the previous comments can be quite useful.

Talking with some of the experienced River Rats (Colorado River Rafting Guides) may also provide you with some additional details about this area.

Always check anything wearable before using...annd be sure you have a vehicle that will preform properly at high altitudes (I once had one that performed poorly at elevations of 10,000 feet or more).

Advice on Desert Survival Kit
by: Anonymous

I love Moab, I go there almost every year. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I would say that your foremost concern should be water since it is a hot, arrid desert. Bring water bottles with filters built into the top. Enjoy!

A few suggestions
by: Wayne A

The plastic sheeting as mentioned by Diane is a good idea, learn how to make a solar still for water should the need arise.
Plastic garbage bags also allow for a variation of this method. The bag is placed on a leafy branch of a tree or bush in the sun, and water vapour can be procured this way. Be sure that the tree or bush is not poisonous.

It would be wise to study up on any edible or medicinal plants in your area of travel.

A topographical map of your area will indicate sources of water, very important!

take this
by: Diane

plastic sheet, a can, emergency blanket, fire starters, bottles water, a tarp, line string, a small bottle with vaseline cotton balls.

Thank You
by: Todd Owen

Thanks for offering the tips on my trip to Moab. I have been there a couple of times, yet each time has been for a photoshoot, so I have not be fortunate to really set out and explore the area to my fullest. I am very comfortable in the outdoors and travel into the back country often, yet desert hiking has not been done as of yet. I will seek out the links you mentioned and please by all means, if you come up with any other tips or links please send them my way on here as a comment. I get them as an email when you do. thanks again Dennis, I wish you many happy days of safe return along your own path of survival....

Geocaching in The Moab Desert.
by: Dennis

Hi, First off I wanted to tell you that I really like this website, it is definately full of very good information.
Now about your Moab adventure, have you ever heard of geocaching?(a GPS Worldwide adventure game) I par-take in it on the East Coast Of NJ.
Here is some info you may find helpful.

Now geocachers(People who geocache) are a special breed of people who go out of their way to help other people. If you decide to do Moab I strongly suggest a GPSr lots of batteries. Contact a few people who geocache in this area, they can tell you what you need, also the 4x4 Jeep Clubs visit Moab every year. This info may be useful:
I think the stuff you have on this webpage is very helpful as well. Also watch for those crazy UFO's that light up the night sky.
I hope you return safely with lots of stories and photos to share with us.
Good Luck and hope you have the time of your life.
Moab is one place I will visit as soon as I get the time. I hope I was helpful. Also you can check out the many survivalists on youtube. I strongly suggest looking for a Dave Canterbury or a Cody Lundin two great survivalist( also check out two of my Favorite Hikers Drak sounds like DRAKE ( and Joshua( they have some nice minimalist survival stove designs.
I Hope this helps.

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