Back pocket survival kit

by James

I carry an altiod candy can regular size, items include:

- mini multi-tool ( it has pliers, knife, file,screw drivers)
- extra bright mini led light with extra batteries
- waterproof matches
- striker
- compass and mirror
- cotton balls
- 4 feet of aluminium foil
- 3-bandages
- 2- alcohol wipes and 1 iodine wipe
- 2-asprin and 2-nonasprin pain relief pills
- 2-gallns worth of water cleaning pills
- 1-medium zip lock sandwich baggy
- small fishing kit, 6-assorted size hooks, weights
- thirty feet of thirty pound line for fishing, snares, shelter building

All enclosed inside the tin with a survival blacket on the outside.

I wrapped all this with duck tape for water proofing. Fits perfectly in back pocket, feels like a wallet.

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Great Suggestions in This Thread
by: gv

I just discovered this site and am really enjoying it.

This thread - Back Pocket Survival Kit - takes me back about 35 years to when I made a survival kit.

One thing I haven't yet seen suggested that I would add (and I must admit that I got this from one of the T.V. shows) is to take a plastic bag (maybe even a garbage bag/bin liner).

If water is in short supply, but there is rain/humidity, one can dig a circular hole with sloping sides, and a smaller, deeper hole at the centre.

Put your survival kit tin, or some other kind of vessel capable of containing water, at in the very centre, and line the bigger, shallower hole with the plastic bag (obviously having torn it open in order to maximize the potential surface area). Any rain/humidity will falling on to the plastic bag will run down the sloping sides of the larger circle into the container at the centre.

pocket kit
by: Tim / Nomad

The aluminum foil can be shaped into cotainers for boiling water in or you can wrap food in it to be cooked in the coals of a fire. For example, fish, chicken, squirrels, potatoes, etc...

by: Anonymous

Wait until you try and take the tape off. You will kill the blanket.

Great kit
by: Fred

But what do you need the aluminium foil for?

I will assemble my own kit based on your recommendation.

Greetings from Denver!

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