Best All Around Survival Knives

by Carlos Rivera

Best All Around Survival Knives

These are a couple of options that I always take with me when I go backpacking, camping, etc.:

These knives I am about to talk to you about are like a combination, I don't only take one I take both.

The first one is the cold steel leatherneck-Tanto. This knife is made from German 4116 Stainless steel and finished with a rich Tuff-Ex&trage; non reflective coating. The blade itself is 7" long. Finally, the grip is very comfortable in your hand it has grooves for your fingers to somewhat fall in place.

To carry the Leatherneck knife safely and conveniently in all environments, it comes with a sturdy Secure-Ex sheath complete with fully detachable and ambidextrous belt loop.

The second one is a machete for clearing away branches and chopping down firewood, etc... It is also a cold steel machete, and it is the kukri machete. It has a 13" blade with the weight forward so it bites harder with every swing. The handle is polypropylene it is also comfortable and makes your hand feel like it belongs in the knife.

It comes with a sturdy Cor-Ex sheath that is both plastic and fabric.

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A. Wright & sons
by: Arris

This the perfect bushcraft knife. With a 5mm thick spine and a scandi ground blade (10cm) it is a sturdy lifesaver. Instead of having a bigger blade as a campknife I use an Estwing hatchet. Molded from one piece of carbon steel it will last you a lifetime. For sharpening I use the EZE LAP creditcard diamond stones.

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