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Choosing the best survival knife can be a tricky task. I have given some general guidelines on the page “Wilderness survival knife”, that will help you to find a good knife. A short summary would be a knife with a strong fixed blade and a very comfortable solid handle.

So which one to choose? There is no simple answer. There are many good knives available. However, we can share our experience and knowledge with each other. I can start:

favorite survival knifeMy favorite survival knives:

Frost Morakniv

My first favorite is a knife called Frost Morakniv Outdoor 2000 made in Sweden.

It is a high quality knife at a reasonable price. Blade length is 4 1/2” (11 cm). It has a high-friction rubber handgrip, which will help to prevent your hand from slipping, even when wet. This knife is very comfortable in the hand. Perfect for carving.

For your first knife, and a knife for most general backpacking and camping conditions, I definitely recommend the Frost Morakniv. It is the best all-round survival knife.


favorite knifeMy second favorite knife is called Fallkniven (Wilderness knife). This knife also has a high-friction rubber handgrip. The blade length is 8” (20 cm). For fine, detailed carving, this knife is too big and tricky to use.

However, for a camping trip in the woods, that include shelter building and a lot of firewood to prepare, I would definitely want this knife. I use this knife as one would use a small hatchet. This knife has a convex edge, which make it suitable for both cutting and striking. It is very well balanced and a very well made item.

Both knives are of course made of high quality stainless steel.

The perfect survival knife

I would enjoy hearing from you about your survival knife or sharpening tools. What recommendation or feedback do you have?

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survival knife - write about it!

Before your survival knife page is published, I will review it and make sure it applies to the submission guidelines for the Wilderness Survival Skills website.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

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