Bow drill fire making

by Trevin

Bow drill

Bow drill

The first thing you should do is to get a flat piece of wood. Put a shallow hole in the middle of it and make sure it is not all of the way through.
Take a strong stick and put a string on both ends and pull it tight to make a bow.

Then take a straight stick with a point on the end of it.

Wrap the string around the stick and put a rock or something hard on top, to not hurt your hand, take the bow and pull it back and forth until you get a fire.

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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by: Mike

Here's a hint for anyone learning to make a fire using the bow and drill friction method.

Get yourself a roller blade wheel or a similar roller bearing to use as your bearing block. It's important to have as little friction as possible at the bearing block and the roller bearing is completely without friction and will aid in teaching the amount of pressure needed and at what time more pressure is needed.

The sequence I use is light pressure when building the heat and then more pressure when the smoke starts then less pressure to super heat the coal dust thus creating the ember. After you master the sequence work your way into naturally-occurring items to use for the bearing block (shells, stones, wood...etc).

Just an additional note:
I still carry a roller blade wheel in my fire kit and have found it very useful when the drill and hearth have a bit of residual moisture in them. The wheel allows me to spin the drill very quickly thus super heating the contact points and eliminating the residual moisture.

Hope this has been helpful.

Not very accurate
by: jon

the described method will never get a fire using the fire bow. It is obvious they have never tried it themselves. The kind of wood makes a difference, soft-medium woods work better then hard woods. If you have access to sagebrush, it works. Cottonwood root works amazing for the fireboard(the flat piece). doing it in the middle doesn't allow oxygen to get in and will prevent it from making more then black sawdust. And the the board doesn't just explode into flames like most people seem to think, the fire drill creates punk(black sawdust) when you combine oxygen and heat(friction from the bowdrill) it will ignite the punk into a ember. then you have to put the ember into tender and gently blow it into flames.

by: Anonymous

it actually works better if you put the shallow hole right near the edge of the boar then make a small notch in the board edge connecting to the hole position your tinder under this notch and the friction heated particles will fall into your tinder causing it to burn.

Try this
by: Ben

Every traveler in the wilderness should try this technique. However, practice it before you need to use it.

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