My Two Top Survival Knives

by Brian
(Milwaukee, WI)

So far, my best of the two survival knives that I own is my SOG Super Bowie knife, which was specially made for me with D2 steel. I also had a custom made handmade sheath made for it by Savage Sheaths. The knife along with the sheath just looks tremendous, and the quality of this knife with the specially made D2 steel blade is just about unbeatable.

My second Best survival knife, which really is actually tied for 1st place with my Super Bowie I just mentioned, is of course my Cold Steel Trail Master made with high quality SK-5 Japanese steel. This steel is excellent quality high carbon steel and is hard to beat.

Now I know this knife is a production made knife and not hand made, and I know it doesn't carry the name Randall or Lile on it, but to me, when you are paying such outlandish prices for a survival knife such as one would pay for a Randall or a Lile First Blood original, their quality might be outstanding, but to be realistic about it, I am right there with many other people that just cannot simply afford to fork out thousands of dollars for those knives, especially just for them to say Randall or Lile on them.

Besides, the survival knives that I have are made with the same quality steel that those knives are made with, and are full tang knives. And for me, it is more practical to pay a couple hundred dollars for a high-quality knife that can do the same is those thousands of dollar knives can do.

The bottom line is I love every single knife that I have, right down to the unbranded First Blood replica, and the UC 1989 versions FB knife that I have. However, I do plan to buy myself a high-quality handmade Predator or First Blood knife very soon, probably from Blackstarr Knives or from another knifemaker if I can find one that is willing to be more reasonable with their price. But for now, and for the extensive hiking/camping/combat practice that I do, my SOG Super Bowie Special D2 blade knife, my SOG Tigershark Elite knife, my SOG SEAL Teams knife, or my Cold Steel Trail Master SK-5 knife will more than suffice. I also just recently had a handmade sheath made for my Trail Master Bowie. was also made by Harry Savage at Savage Sheaths, and it is the 3rd going on 4th sheath that I have had him make me! He does outstanding work, and I am well satisfied!

Thanks for reading!

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Cudeman Bowie Knife

by Lewis Klien

This knife has a big thick 10" blade with an excellent edge which can plough through anything. The handle is simply two bits of wood pinned on to the tang, so it stands little chance of breaking.

It handles fantastically, the long handle giving the user a good grip for a long swing, with the generous handguard making any slips impossible. The very sharp blade makes it suitable for smaller, subtler tasks, while the weight and length allows for heavy duty axe work as well.

It is also relatively cheap, selling for about £50/$85. I believe they are sold under the name of Cudeman in the UK, and Hen & Rooster in the US.

Make sure you have the basic wilderness skills to safely enjoy your trip.

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