Bush Man

by kim

My tip is this: the best survival gun I have found is a single shot, break open 20 ga. It comes apart for easy packing, weighs in a 5+ pounds, using 3" shells can be used for duck, geese, grouse, rabbit + others (porcupines etc).

If you have bear problems a 20 ga slug will knock a bear off its feet. If you need to signal. a 20 ga is way louder than a 22 for example. The .22, which a lot of people say is a good survival gun (I have shot my fair share of small game with a 22), may be good for hunting, but really bad for survival. Hunting is sport, usually takes place in nice weather.

My experience has been that survival usually means rotten, windy wet conditions. A 20 ga will knock a grouse down every time, even if shaking from the cold. A 22 you need to aim, lead, allow for wind etc - just too much fooling around when all you want is a hot meal.

I find that when my hands are cold and wet, I can barly handle the small 22 shells and fit them in a 22 chamber or clip. The 20 shell just drops in the chamber, you swing it closed and are ready to shoot. Quite often the reason you are in a pickle in the bush is because a couple of black bears ripped up your tent and ate your cooler of food. A 22 is no good at scaring off (not loud enough) a bear or, if you have to, shooting a bear.

The 20 will is the best gun I now of for survival.

Start to prepare your trip before you head for the trails!

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