Winter car survival kit

All vehicles should contain a basic car survival kit. Because anyone driving in remote areas, especially during winter months is at risk of ending up in a wilderness survival situation. Winter weather can be extremely unpredictable and unfortunately the wilderness is very unforgiving.

However, a little knowledge and preparation can go a long way in preventing survival situations. Here are a few important points to always remember when driving in remote areas.

Inform someone of your route

Always tell friends and family where you are going and when you plan to return. If something happened and you won't be back at that time, call them.

Lost or stranded

car survival kit
If you get in trouble you should stay with the vehicle. Studies show that you're more likely to survive if you don't venture out looking for help. Furthermore, since you have informed someone about your route the search and rescue crews know where to look.

With a properly equipped car emergency kit, you could survive in your vehicle for days if necessary. If you, for some reason, decide to leave your vehicle, only do it if the weather clears, and you have proper clothing.

Prepare your winter car survival kit

Prepare for the unexpected. Think of the worst possible scenario and prepare for it. Always have a survival kit in your car that never gets taken out.

Essential items to have in your car:

Flashlights and extra batteries.
A multitool knife.
Extra set of clothes - so you can turn the car off and still stay warm.
Extra socks, gloves and hats.
Waterproof matches and candle (- used to help keep warm).
Small can - to melt snow for drinking water.
Local maps.
Tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrench).
Road flares.
Jumper Cables.
Small shovel.
Set of tire chains.
Bottled water.
Food – e.g nuts, dried fruit or energy bars.
Cell phone - make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged.
First aid kit – and know how to use it.

Update the contents of your kit on a regular base and make sure all drivers and passengers know where to find it.


Never go for a car trip during winter time without proper clothing. That probably mean you have to bring with you a winter jacket and trousers, boots, gloves and a cap. You never know how far you will be required to walk.

winter car survival kit

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