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by: Tom H

I've been in Mountain Rescue and have witnessed first hand the fatal results of not being able to start a fire and build shelter to protect yourself. Always carry a carbon steel knife so you can at least use a hard rock to make sparks and get a fire going. You might forget or loose other fire starting gear. I've carried a small pocket knife on a neck lanyard. A friend carries the old flint and steel on his person. If you learn how to find dry wood in the mountains, like the underside of cedar or fir trees, use bark and small dead limbs, pitch and fine steel wool you will be able to start a fire even in a rain forrest.

Fire steels and stainless
by: Anonymous

More and more people are carrying their own fire steels and stainless knives can spark those. You just have to make sure to square the spine.

Many people do still prefer carbon steel, though, because of its perceived ease of sharpening. I do know that the CV Case knife I have and Becker BK2 seemed to sharpen up more easily/quickly than my Delica and Mini Grip. Gotta try a comparison with my Mora, which is also stainless.

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