CB radio

by Tim
(Louisville,KY& THE ROAD)

Emergency Preparedness # 7 COMMUNICATION

Emergency Preparedness # 7 COMMUNICATION

Cell phones are great but if the power is out or the towers are down they aren't much good. I have a CB radio in my truck and another one on my ATV. You can purchase a 10 meter radio and have the CB channels added to it. The 10 meter is a ham radio and gives you a lot of channels and emergency and weather info during times of crisis. You can also add a linear amplifier to increase the ransmission and receiving range.

A CB shop will need to help you with these items as the radio will need to be peaked and tuned to the linear and the SWR(standing wave) will need to be set on your antenna. The antenna is 90% of your set up so chose a good one. I use a WILSON 500 and the K-40 is said to be good too. I would advise using a magnet mount on your vehicle. It allows you to remove it during electrical storms so it doesn't act as a lightning rod. You may also need to remove it if you are off road or if looting is prevalent and you don't want to advertise that you have valuables in your vehicle.

The other more portable but battery dependant option is the hand held two way walkie talkies. They work well and you can scramble the transmission to prevent unwanted listeners.

A hand held police scanner is nice also. I heard that due to national security measures they are going digital in the near future. Some agencies have already switched.


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Police Using Digital
by: Joe Mamma

Cops using digital has nothing to do with national security. There are digital scanners. Some police departments will use encryption, analog/digital, and while they say it is national security that is an excuse they are not forced

Bad advice
by: ADP

While CB radios are useful, most of the advice given here is incorrect. Modifying Amateur Radio equipment to operate on CB frequencies is illegal, as is using linear amplifiers with CB equipment. In any event, CB radios are not capable of driving most commercial amplifiers. It also takes a little technical know-how to properly connect and SAFELY use an amplifier. As for "scrambling" - this is also illegal. The author may be referring to the CTCSS tones in FRS radios. This is not scrambling, and offers no privacy whatsoever.

Some much better advice would be to contact a local Amateur Radio club and make arrangements to earn an Amateur Radio ("Ham") license. This will take some study and you will have to pass a test. You will be much better prepared in an emergency however. If no local club is available, consult the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) or Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) websites for more information.

Don't even consider this
by: Joe

This poster suggests several times that you break the law.
10Meter radios can not be legally operated on CB frequencies.
Using a linear amp on CB frequencies is illegal.
Scrambleing of CB or ham transmissions is illegal.
In a life or limb situation, anything goes. Aside from that the fines and confiscation isn't' worth it.

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