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very good advice
by: Winyan Staz

Especially in North America it is great advice to do the digging a hole beside the stream or pond thing.
The reason being is we have so much wildlife there is simply no way of knowing if there is a dead body upstream or if animals have been defficating in the streams.
Possoms and raccoons both like to use a water source for their toilet.
When there has been a lot of camping around streams etc you can also count on humans having polluted the water as well.
Its far better to take the time to filter and then boil your water when possible.

Great tips!
by: Anonymous

Great tips! I've included these in my list of survival skills. THX!

by: Shaykh Idris

Must be pretty ugly water in your streams if that is what you call potable.
did you mean 'off the ground'?

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