Cold weather with little wind and no snow or frost

by Michael Becker
(Tabernacle NJ USA)

If you're in an area even where it is VERY cold, but there is minimal wind and no snow and you have your fire going, you can strip down to just that clothing which is covering those parts of your body that are touching natural surfaces (feet and rear end only) and expose the entire rest of your body to the radiant heat from your fire.

Since that heat would not transmit through your other clothing, wearing any clothing that prevents your body from warming up by that radiant heat would defeat the purpose of the fire itself. If you can be completely nude without freezing your rear end or feet that would also be advisable.

You might also hang your clothing in ways that the interior of those pieces of clothing can be heated by that fire while you're not wearing them.

I have done this on a number of occasions (with shoes and shorts or completely nude depending on the EXACT conditions of that situation) and have sometimes found that wearing little (if any) clothing around my campfire not only warmed my body faster than leaving all of my clothes on, it also warmed my clothes faster than my body heat does, and so by placing both my nude body and my clothes all around the fire I was actually warmer for longer periods of time than if I had kept my clothes on for the entire time.

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Useful tips
by: Sara

This is really a good survival tip in cold weather condition. But keeping such tips in our mind we can survive in any climate condition. In snow falling area it is important to always keep our body warm.

of course
by: Anonymous

Good thinking: this ought to work if one have a windbreak, also. Having one's skin exposed to the air is a good way to go: if one take necessary precautions & take account of probable complications: sunburn, chill, insects, the usual stuff. In extreme heat, if one be shaded, it is optimal. Common sense ought to prevail.

Be on the look out for nude man being chased by wildlife !!!
by: Todd Owen - Denver , CO

Hahaha, I've hiked the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for nearly 20 years now, from hot Summers to 3 feet of snow on the ground, and knowing the wild life in these mountains to be extremely unpredictable, I would prefer a more subtle approach myself. Instead of making yourself that vulnerable why not buy a couple cheap space blankets, you can buy the low end ones for about 2 dollars or the higher more durable ones for about 20. I have used this technique many times when.its cold out , place one directly behind you on a chair, tree or rock formation to put the heat back towards your body. I have also used them tent many times as well. Placing them above you w a couple strips of duct tape ( which no one should ever camp or hike with about duct tape ). I'm all for fresh ideas but to remove your clothing around a fire unless in an extreme situation as in drying your clothes due to falling into a river, stream or thru ice seems very wreakless to me. You are standing there getting warm and something causes you to have to move quickly from the fire and now you've became more open to the true effects of the elements.....

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