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1. Do you offer survival or wilderness training courses?

Answer: No. However, see this page for suggestions on survival courses.

2. Why did you create your website?

Answer: Read this page!

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4. What survival book do you recommend?

Answer: It's difficult not to recommend the Essential Wilderness Skills For Beginners. Another favorite is the SAS Survival Handbook.

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survival training
A wilderness survival course will provide you with the practical experience necessary to handle many kinds of problems that could arise in the wilderness.

first aid
It's essential that you have some basic principles of wilderness first aid and know how to apply them, even under stress.

survival shelter
Building a survival shelter is an absolute priority if you face a survival situation in harsh or unpredictable weather.

Selecting appropriate gear is important to have a safe wilderness trip.

A "pocket survival kit" should be small enough to easily fit into a shirt or a coat pocket.

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