How to make a deadfall trap

The deadfall trap works on the principle that when the bait is taken a weight falls on the prey. This live animal trap can be made to any size.


Setting a large version of this trap is risky and difficult to do on your own.

deadfall trap


An often-shown trap is the figure-four trap. It's very effective, but it needs some practice to make. You are unlikely to get it right first time. Your intention should be to create a stable trap, but with a trigger that will cause the trap to collapse, even to the slightest touch.

A horizontal bait bar is balanced at appropriate angles to an upright with a locking bar, which supports a heavy weight pivoting around the tip of the upright, see the figure above. As a weight, use a heavy log or rock.
trap animal
Another variation of the trigger mechanism is shown to the right. It's very simple and no tools are required. Use two long sticks and one short stick. Make sure the contact point of the weight is close to the main support stick. Experiment with configuration.

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