Deep Survival Laurence Gonzales 2005

by Tal Fletcher, Retired
(Kentfield CA )

A summary from Robert Sapolsky describes how I viewed this book - just completed 11/28/2009 - "Great stories of disaster and survival where one wonders 'How would I do in this circumstance?' combined with revealing science about the physiology and psychology of how we deal with crisis. Gonzales's science is accurate, accessible, up to date and insightful. An extremely good book."

In my opinion it is also very relevant for any person involved with active outdoor and or extreme sports and activities individually and or with buddies who might benefit from having read and reflected on "How and what would I do ...." under the multitude of events requiring intuitive and thoughtful consideration of importance to a survival event.

For those who have read this book,
how does it compare to others - older or more recent?

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Survival philosophy
by: Jeff

Deep Survival consists of a few survival stories coupled with the author's assessment as to why they lived. If you are interested in the psychology of survival, this book is for you.

According to Gonzales 90% of people freeze or panic when confronted with a life-threatening situation,
the remaining 10% stay cool, focused and alive.

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