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I have one
by: TnJohn

I have one of these knives, and I like it a lot.
It is made by Benchmade. The blade is made out of S30V steel and has a lanyard hole, useful gimping on the back and the handles are G10, very nice.

This blade is fairly light in weight and would get the job done, but do not abuse it in a survival situation. I do like it but would recommend this as your field dressing knife and also carry a heavy duty chopper like a RAT, Becker, etc. I went nuts and spent way too much money, but now I do have a Jerry Busse "Battle Mistress" as my workhorse, and it is one fantastic piece of steel (but another story).

Knives are just like (guns) in that everyone wants to name their favorite caliber as the perfect survival gun. Guess what there is no single shooting weapon for all shooting situations and likewise, there is no single blade for all cutting situations either, carry at least 2 plus a small sharpening device that will fit in your pocket.

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