Easy water filter

by Brian
(Pennsylvania USA)

I have found an easy way to filter surface water using some very simple things. First off, everywhere you look, there is always a plastic bottle lying around or you have carried one with you.

Take the bottle and cut it in half so you can place the top of the bottle, in the bottom of the bottle, upside down using the bottom as a cup and the top as a funnel. In the funnel part of the bottle, layer the following ingredients; first off take a sock and roll it up tightly and place it in the bottom of your funnel. Now take the black coals from your cooled off fire, the burnt wood or charcoal not the white ash and place that on top of your sock that is rolled up. Finally take green grass or any green non-poisonous vegetation and top off the funnel. Place the funnel in the bottom of the bottle, that is your cup, and pour in water slowly.

Once the water goes through the filter it should be filtered. But if the water doesn't look clear repeat the filtering process until the water does look clear. Remember filtering only takes out the visible bugs from water and purifying takes out the invisible bugs. So remember, after filtering you must purify your water using a number of methods like boiling, water purifying tablets, etc.

Rule of thumb
filter + purify = safe to drink

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My simple carbon filter
by: Ancient arts

I have recently designed a near unflawed carbon filter. Basicly it is a 2 liter plastic bottle with the very bottom of it cut off. Inside it are about 4 repeated layers of muslin, steamed charcoal and sand. After passing water through
it maybe 10 times the water is almost gin clear. Given that it was very muddy to begin with I am very pleased with my Self.

Guy Davies

Rudimentary charcoal filter
by: Ken

Good advice if you are stranded in the wilderness with an empty canteen.

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