Emergency food supply

by Jason
(Southern Oregon Coast)

In an urban or semi-urban environment one could easily procure a weeks worth of food in a day during the springtime. If the conditions are bad enough where local, state and federal laws are rarely or not at all enforced you might find a great resource of nutrition at your local city/county park.

In my area there are at least 2 parks with large ponds/lakes that harbor many bird species. In the springtime it is very easy to find ducks and other birds nesting around the waters edge. Eggs and birds are very nutritious. Many of these animals are relatively tame and will come very close with any amount of real or fake food being thrown at them. Logic tells us not to bite the hand that feeds us (don't take all the breeding pairs).

One could gather edible eggs and a couple of fowl in a matter of minutes. Fresh eggs may take some recon work. If it is a matter of your family starving versus killing a protected or game species I don't think we need to guess what the outcome will be. Hopefully your neighbors won't come up with the same idea. Most people I know think food comes from the grocery store, so there shouldn't be to much competition.

This brings us to the benefits of having an accurate air powered BB pistol. Very little noise but plenty of knockdown power for small to medium sized bird (heads) at close range. After all, no reason to alert the nearbys by shooting dinner in a public park with a ruger 10/22 when an air rifle/pistol will do the job just fine. Also 5000 (bullets) for $6 isn't such a bad deal.

Another possibility could be to gather a few duck or goose chicks and raise them on your own property. Keep in mind that the more stray dogs, cats, foxes, racoons etc. that are around will mean fewer if any edible bunnies, ducks and even domestic chickens that may survive. Ever wonder why there are wild pigs all across the country but no wild cows or chickens?

I am not advocating the slaughter of protected animal species, but if TSHTF it's an easy meal to get you by for a week or two. Two people are worth 6 birds in the bush, at least.

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fair enough
by: Shaykh Idris

I agree, having checked out my local food supply of duck,rabbit,sheep & a multitude of Protected Species, I can recommend nets & snares as an alternative to the good old slug gun, which can be a little too obvious & may attract unwanted attention. Even a good throwing stick can get one meat. You have made agood point

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