Emergency survival kit

by Tim
(Louisville,KY& the road)

I keep a bug out bag handy at all times. Here are the contents:

ONTARIO KNIFE CO SP 10 sheath knife
gerber slideing bone saw
gerber slideing wood saw
gerber easy-zipper for dressing game animals
pocket chain saw(not a wire saw)
pocket stove(folds flat)
cold steel bird & trout knife w/kidex sheath
columbia river neck knife w/kidex sheath
100' 1/16" nylon cord
stainless mug w/folding handles
magnezium fire starter w/flint rod
pencil & paper
phone card (w/minutes on it)
jewelers loop
mosquito headnet
light gloves
rain suit
extra socks
military polpropolene top,bottoms & hood
(hypothermia is possible at 60d fh if wet + windy)
aluminum foil
bullion cubes,salt,pepper & cayan pepper
vasaline soaked cotton balls
desert storm & hunter orange bandanna's
homemade leather/elastic snow goggles
plastic bobbins w/thread & fishing line
fishing kit & assorted needles
compass & flagging tape
PUR water purifier pump
UCO candle lantern/extra candles
.12 guage flare gun/extra flares
titanium fork/spoon
trash bags
U.S.military -30 black sleeping bag/compression sack
U.S.military gortex bivy sack/compressed
plastic trowel
(most germs inter through the mouth)
McD's napkins for toilet paper(they hold up better)
.17HMR NEF Handi-Rifle with scope,sling & choate
survivor buttstock(soon to have a 12 guage accessory
extra ammo in .357/.17HMR

All of this fits in a small daypack.

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by: Anonymous

Why so many knives. I was a butcher by trade for many years, so I know there are different knives for different jobs. Why not just a folding saw, and a quality 5"-6" fixed blade knife, in addition to your gerber tool. I know knives are not very heavy, but I wouldn't want to carry any more than I needed to.

Good system
by: Anonymous

You have a fairly good system here.
I would suggest some sort of water bottle, some paracord, a small bottle of raw honey(it will keep for a long long long time), a little package of Velveeta cheese, maybe a small bottle of vitamins, and a pound of Chia seeds (an almost totally perfect survival food). Harvesting birds, rabbits, squirrels whatever and these few things would keep you going a month or more.

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