Essential Bushcraft

by John

Essential Bushcraft - A handbook of survival skills from around the world, is a well-written and inspirational wilderness survival book, by Ray Mears. Ray Mears is an English adventurer and wilderness specialist.

You will find a lot of good information, particularly about: how to put together a suitable outfit, how to find water and how to make water safe, different ways to light a fire, how to design and build a shelter and of course how to find food.

All of this survival skills are described with examples from different part of the world, and different environments as the arctic, jungle and desert. For instance, how to recognize desert plants that store water underground in their roots, how to use a bamboo fire saw, how to build shelters in the arctic and how to find edible insects. Essential Bushcraft is also full of excellent illustrations, both color photographs and drawings

A great inspirational book
Ray Mears has assumed that you as a reader can navigate in the wilderness, and that you are familiar with first aid techniques, subsequently no information about these topics are included. It is a pity because navigation is an important wilderness survival skill. But this is a great survival book that will inspire you and give you a deeper knowledge of the wild and of nature.

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magnificent guide
by: Anonymous

Ray Mears truly is a great living man and his book does not disappoint. A truly magnificent guide to survival and living in harmony with the land...
However, I also miss the navigation part.

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