Extreme Preppers and their logic

by Todd Owen
(Denver, Colorado)

Seems everywhere we look these days everyone is becoming more and more into Survival, either from a Catastrophe or for fear of Government break down, I see shows everywhere now that support ppl who are just taking a few precautionary steps just to have a survival kit in their car to the outside of the spectrum where ppl are going so far as to even put incendiary devices around their home for fear of an all out take over.....

I keep wondering how these ppl plan to deal with a situation where they are forced to leave the confines of their home where all their effects and belongings as well as all their stock piled items are kept. I see so much of ppl stocking piling huge amounts of their food and water in just one location, not really thinking about a situation where you and your family are in another city for the weekend or even across town shopping and you cant get back home to retreat into your homes....

I myself have a couple large containers of gear and supplies that if I needed to get out of town quickly, I have places already picked out that no one knows of, food for a couple months if need be, shelter and extra clothing and ways to make fire, these two bins can be grabbed and put in a vehicle in a matter of 5 minutes and me be down the road..I have also made a couple stashes in the mountains that if I were unable to get home to get my gear and somehow had to walk to get to it, I have to exact bins stashed elsewhere as well. I have always made a point to buy to of everything when buying supplies just for this matter.

Don't be caught stranded with no options. spread your items around in a few areas, if you can build a couple kits at least to get you out of harms way and to a place where you have other options. Also its not always about creating these 500 bug out kits I see so many being obsessed with , you would be amazed at what a cheap back pack, a couple bottles of water , some lighters some granola bars and a few trash bags can mean in a situation to keep you alive for a week....

Just me sharing some general thoughts with some of the newbies on here. I live in Colorado, we have major fires every year, seriously crazy weather systems that have dropped a few feet in a days time, tornados happen often around my are of Denver too... So I try to keep things in a real world perspective that things can and often DO happen....

Happy Survival to you all.

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Good Post
by: Himanshi Gupta

Thanks for share such a nice information about extreme Preppers and their logics.

This is awesome
by: Anonymous

After seeing many websites, I want to share with you instead of referring to a wonderful website. I truly bookmarked this website.

Conibear Traps- A must have item in BOB
by: ikefis

Good advice to the masses and like minded folks as well. I will only add my advice to all...look into buying a few conibear traps for the emergency Bug Out Bag or Home self reliance kit. 110's for squirrels and such and 220's for opossum and coon. EBAY often has deals for 12- 110's for $60 and 6- 220's for $60 bucks...That's a lot of cash, but these traps are 99% effective...I make primitive snares and twitch up traps just like the rest of ya...Conibear traps are a necessity. JMO Watch your 6 at all times

exactly so
by: Shaykh Idris

I would add,from experience,that it would be a good idea to checkon the condition of stashes in wilderness or similar locations: one of mine had been half -buried in silt from rain, even tho it was in a small cave. Another had become overgrown by small vines. Also,after a couple of years, my ideas on what is good to have on hand have changed. I agree, having all your eggs in one basket is like being on a big ship without any lifeboats. Home is abase,not a fortress.

Well said...
by: Winyan Staz WakienAnonymous

Thanks for your article.
I agree with your statements.
I put my faith in my own knowledge of survival rather than in store bought items.
Its important for people to be flexible.

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