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My favourite too.
by: Nicklas Odh

I have most of the knives made by Fallkniven, pronounced like Fell, Elk, Knee and ven from raven put together Fell-Elk-Knee-Ven FellKneeVen, not Fallniven

Back to order. I use the F1 and the H1 regularly while outdoors. The back of the blade is perfect when using the swedish firesteel. Is is sharpened like an ice skate. The protruding tang is perfect when you need to pound it into something.
The blade is wide and strong enough for batoning. The swedish army survival instructions says that you should not chop with the knife, but use batoning instead.

The handle might seem small to some people but the knife was made to be used as a survival knife in swedish forests and not against people. The only deadly thing in a swedish forest is the cold. Therefore the knife is made to work when using gloves.
It is easier to use gloves in the summer than not using them in winther.

I like my F1 really much, so much that I have about 35 of them :)

There are different sheaths available, get whatever suits you best.

Good knife
by: Steve

I guess, its all in what you like, the fallkniven is a very good knife, but, I still remain loyal to my marine kabar, its been there and done that, on more than one opportunity, in my travels. But, when I die, and they bury the kabar with me as I go, then the fallkniven will be number one. Hard to carry a knife for forty years and find fault with it , as I have the kabar. You wrote a very good article, you should make a habit of it .

This is THE knife
by: Anonymous

Best knife ever!! I really like this knife. I bought it 2 years ago.

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