Five day survival kit

by Caleb

I love the woods and occasionally get alittle Lost. It's important to be prepared for your basic needs for survival. Below are some examples of how to make your backup kit.

Always have the basic things you need in any situation:

Waterproof matches or lighter
Reflections device (cd tinfoil mirror)
Tarp or other basic shelter building material (for those of you who can't make one out of sticks and branches)
Water purification supply
Good firstaid kit

Those are some very basic items needed for survival. All of these items can fit into a small survival kit and help any survival situation. Don't go over board.

Remember these items are meant to be a back up to your primary survival needs. They are meant to be a smaller lighter pack that you can use as a last resort if you get separated from your primary survival kit.

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A good idea
by: Federico Pavan, Turin Italy

I think that this is a very good suggest for an essential survival kit. I'll try it. Thanks. What do you think to use in this kit a space blankets? I think it is also known as solar blankets, mylar blankets or emergency blankets

Ditching Paracord ???
by: Todd Owen ( Denver , Co )

I just read that on one of the comments, hard to figure out why you would toss that one item for trout line twine. Paracord is pretty cheap as it is, I can buy the real stuff ( 550 Cord ) at any surplus store for around 4.00 bucks for a hundred feet, plus being able to make key chains, survival bracelets and other type products that you can easily keep on your person or hang from a rear view mirror.... Anyway, just had to throw my own 2 cents in on that one, As for the original posters remarks, Nice list, Caleb. I would also suggest throwing a container of sorts as well, Nalgene Bottles are really great to add to your gear as a good all around way to carry water and even toss a mini survival kit for small items.........Happy Survival my friend and to you all..... Btw the Caleb, WAR EAGLE !!!!!!!!!


Ok, but how abouit a MAP?

My 2 cents
by: Anonymous

didn't see a container metioned...other than that it's a decent list. I ditched paracord for tarred twine(Bank Line/trot line) Much cheaper than para cord and more useful. Thx for sharing

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