Food For Thought....or Not

by Todd Owen
(Denver, Colorado - USA)

Remember when hiking/working or camping in cold weather, sometimes its not always best to fill up on a lot of food. Far too often ppl seek the comfort of eating when sitting in their shelters as a way of passing the time ( if this is a planned trip ).

But remember that meal your eating, eventually your body is going to start digesting it and its going to take energy from your whole body to do this. That means after a little while your body may become even colder.

Stay away from protein, it takes the body a lot longer to break those items down. Stick with small munchies,ie : crackers,cookies or broths. Nothing like freezing your butt off with a full tummy.... Happy Survival to you all.

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by: Anonymous

wouldnt eating protiens, which burns more calories, not only give you much needed energy, but also warm you at the same time since you are burining those calories? seems to me that you would want to ration your food supply, but staying away from high energy creating foods, and foods that will stay with you longer (jerkey vs. a cracker)doesnt seem like agood strategy.

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