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by Todd Owen
(Denver, Co)

We are all on here in search of knowledge and a general understanding of how we can better deal with situations and hopefully pass our own knowledge down to others as well.

I encourage others to realize with so many many many hundreds of books out there on the subject of Survival that they take heed when buying some of them. Man has designed and created techniques for millions of years on how to survive with NOTHING at all. The cave men didn't have GPS and flash lights, they made due with probably some flint and some vines for cordage. What I am trying to say is remember there are a ton of books out there and that they all cover the same exact things if you break them down to the basics. Just remember many of these were wrote so the authors could stroke their own egos and to sell a book.

ALWAYS try what you see in books WAAAAAAY before you really need to us them in a life and death situation. Some of these books speak of how easy it is to make a fire with some rocks or w a few pieces of wood,or even yet they seldom tell you it takes practice to start a fire like that in only a few minutes. When I was younger ( about 9 or 10, I'm 40 now ) I was taught to learn my skills as best as possible and then learn them some more. I've taught and shown others these same skills and hope they too do the same, if you are not skilled enough to do something, please don't try and show others.

Happy Survival t you all

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good advice
by: mike

Correct assessment bro. Very important to be proficient at staying alive before you have to prove it.

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