Glasses for your survival kit

by Mike Knight
(Fleahop, Alabama, USA)

Now that I am approaching 50 y/o I find it necessary to use reading glasses from time to time. This has prompted me to add a pair of Dollar Tree readers to my survival kit. A pair of readers and a hard case set me back a grand total of 2 bucks plus local sales tax.

I use these when looking at my map, attaching hooks to fishing lines and too many other chores to mention. In a survival situation, this necessary tool could be the difference between success and failure. These reading glasses are truly a necessary tool for my kit, and it may be for yours also.

Hope you find this helpful.

Learn to survive in the wilderness.

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Cheap Prescription Glasses
by: William Cunningham

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article; but would also like to share a link of similar website for discount prescription sunglasses with easy to navigate and user friendly GUI.

Works for me!
by: Anonymous

I found a mag glass to not be a good option for me. I would need three hands for some tasks, and ...I have 20/10 distance vision, so I only need the readers for a few I like the $200-$300 bucks my optometrist said I could save by going to the Dollar Tree for readers. Thanks for commenting.

by: Shaykh Idris

If you need glasses, do get a prescription from an optometrist; otherwise, a small magnifying glass is all that is needed; AND it is easier to use a Burning Glass. Don't harm your sight by buying cheap, non-medical so-called reading glasses. Safety begins with thinking ahead.

Glasses in Survival Kit
by: Dustin Tarditi

If you read "Lord of the Flies," you may remember that "Piggy" (a mis-fortunate, heavy kid) was the butt of all the jokes until his "spectacles" were found useful to start a fire through light refraction.

Some people recommend having a magnifying glass for this reason alone - if you already need the glasses then it is a bonus! I always prefer multiple uses for a given piece of gear.

If something is single use and/or limited durability (like something battery powered or god for x many uses) then you need more gear (batteries, recharge kits, backup elements, simple more of the same, etc.) to use it. I can see many useful applications for having a simple pair of non-prescription glasses.

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