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The ultimate fire starter
by: Steven

Take soft wax, a can, and some newspaper.
Roll the newspaper into about two inches long rolls coated in wax and let sit.
If you have a string tie it around the coat, and you got the ultimate fire starter.

Thank's for listening to boyscout 117

by: Rick

Use lint from the dryer. It is lightweight and will make a hot fire to start kindling . Also in the woods use the bark from a cedar tree.

Great tinder
by: Anonymous

I know it sounds gross but the dried droppings of many animals burn very well and ignite very easily.
Also if you need tinder look for birds they always know where to find the dry places and the stuff for good dry tinder.

Murphy's law
by: Jesse

I always use this tip myself. To start a fire fast you need dry tinder and according to Murphy's law you never find dry tinder when you need it. Be prepared.

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