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Ham rig and CB
by: Ham operator

As a licensed Amateur Radio operator, I keep a mobile 2 meter transceiver in the car at all times, plus a copy of the Repeater Directory, which lists all of the repeaters in the US and Canada. There is no Morse Code requirement needed to obtain an Amateur Radio License.

When traveling I will also carry a CB radio in the car.

ham vs. cb
by: Nomad

From what I am told the HAM RADIO works off of repeaters,by that I mean that it is similar to cell phone towers.The signal could leap from repeater to repeater and therefore potentially be transmitted a great distance.
A CITIZENS BAND RADIO(CB) only transmits from cb antenna to cb antenna,and even then it is only capable at a line of site transmission.
A CB's power output is regulated by the FCC and can only have 4 watts of power stock.A CB repair shop can be found by asking around at truckstops or on the CB if you already own one.
These repair shops can peak and tune your radio as well as boost the power.Although they aren't legal by FCC regulations alot of people add LINEAR AMPLIFIERS.These devices boost the transmission and reception range of the CB.
I wrote more on this in the SURVIVAL TIPS section,it is titled COMMUNICATION--EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS #7.

by: Jim

I agree about the compass. A compass is a good thing to have in your car kit, but not a handheld radio. I guess most people today have a mobile.

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