by Tom Sotis
(Rhode Island, USA)

In case I was somehow separated from my pack and everything in it and I was left with only the clothes on my back and what is on my belt...Along with my Mora knife, I have a 3-in-1 item with whistle on one end, compass on the other, and waterproof tube in-between filled with cotton/petroleum-jelly. This item has my fire striker attached and all of it is bound with paracord. Nothing unique here.

Here's the item that may be of interest...
I also have a collapsible aluminum cup that squashes down small enough (about the size of a can of tobacco chew) attached to my belt and at least in a pinch I have something to boil water in - even if it's only a cup I can make tea and purify a little at a time.

One can improvise a lot in survival (of which I claim to know very little) but having something readily available to boil water in is essential.
Just an idea...

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Plastic Water Bottle - BOIL
by: Anonymous

Once you have your fire going build a little tripod and suspend the bottle with some string or a vine about a a foot above the fire. You can take the cap off the bottle and it will in fact BOIL. Believe it or not you can even toss a full bottle of water in a fire all by its self and it will heat the water up wuite well. Its simple physics.... Also you do not need to bring your water to a full and complete boil to kill bacteria , its a waste of fuel, heat,and water. Once you see the bubbles just break the surface its ok.

Has Lots To learn
by: Steve from Canada

I'm giving you 5 stars for what you have already learned! Those basic items on your person are very useful and a metal cup or container to boil water is indeed a MUST! I hope you tested the collapsible cup to ensure that heat does not do strange things to the bands. I prefer a solid metal cup which can also be used to dig, such as the stainless steel canteen cup. They can get very black with soot which is hard to clean in the field and your collapsible cup might foul the insides when collapsed. But any cup can be used to dip and drink from too! Keeping the collapsible cup on your belt makes it readily available. The canteen cup fits on a military canteen which should also be carried on your person.... with water in it. Important input you have made, Tom!

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