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by: Anonymous

Has any one used these to deer hunt with or do you all have any suggestions on portable heat. Thanks -Jordan Watson

homemade canned heat
by: Nomad

I have some friends that make there own canned heat.They use o small can and wrap corrugated cardboard in a coil faskion inside the can.Next they melt wax onto the cardboard and let it cool.

canned heat
by: Brian from Pennsylvania

Sterno, fancyheat and a variety of names has been around for along time. I used to carry a couple in my pack and take them till one opened up and let me tell you what a mess. They are not a bad idea to carry with you (except for the mess part) you can use it for alot of things. Boiling water, starting a fire,ETC. So for the price and the weight they are not a bad thing to have. Happy Hiking!

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