Homemade survival kit

by Jace Mullen

Jace's super cool survival kit:

Jace's super cool survival kit:

I have made a survival kit that fits in two large plastic bags (ziplock). These can be used for many things.
- One bag has two heavy (I mean super heavy four mil thick) plastic barrel liners for shelter/ solar still.

- 1 space blanket (the cheap, silvery ones)

- One real space blanket, 12 ounces, grommet, BRIGHT red

- 100' of seven strand parachute cord.

In a hard pencil case:

- a lighter
- some non-waxed old fashioned dental floss
- a hank of jute twine (tinder)
- a flint and steel (you know, the ones with magnesium)
- a match box filled with strike any were matches
- NATO lifeboat matches
- a three foot drinking tube
- tincture of iodine for water purification and wounds
- two non lubricate condoms for water collection
- bandanna for holding water filled condoms and also for bandanna-y things
- 5' of yellowy - green surveyors tape for marking my path
- whistle for signaling
- pj soaked cotton balls for fire starting can also be used as chap-stick
- fresnel lens for fire starting
- flashlight with 2 fresh sets of batteries
- brand new Mora knife in Carbon Steel for fire starting and tasks that require a knife
- signal mirror for signaling, can also be used to see wounds on face/back
- two snickers bars

I also carry a first aid kit in my pack along with another 100' of para cord and other camping stuff.

I have, right now in my kit eight ways of fire starting (including tinder) :

*jute twine
*lifeboat matches
*petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls
*fresnel lens
*CARBON STEEL knife for if I find flint or quartzite
*magnesium bar and ferro cerium insert with hacksaw blade

See? Count them up all eight.

This is my adapted version of Cody Lundin's kit, which can be found in "98.6 degrees “. The art of keeping your ass alive"

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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8 fire starters?
by: RKM

you might want to recount this. Vaseline soaked cotton balls make excellent fire starters as in tinder. they themselves though will not start a fire without anything else.

9th Fire Starter For the Kit
by: Mike

Don't forget the 9th firestarter for your kit. 9 volt battery and brillo pad. You can tear off part of the brillo pad or a piece of steel wool. Place it under the tinder. touch the steel wool with both poles of the battery. The steel wool will ignite and will ignite your tinder. I wrap the battery in a plastic bag. The brillo pad in a plastic bag then keep both in my kit. Excellent site by the way. Thanks.

by: Anonymous

Trying not to be too harsh because so far you have a pretty good kit although you have left out (or simply didn't mention) a few key items.
You have the immediate priorities covered: first aid, shelter, fire (although listing your knife as a fire starting item is quite a stretch), water, signalling, and food. Also, you have included several multi-purpose items such as paracord, dental floss, bandana, and surveyors tape.
For longer term, I hope you also carry some other small items like safety pins or a sewing kit, some duct tape, snare wire, fishing kit, and a knife sharpener. The list of small useful items goes on and on (paper and pencil, aluminum foil, rubber bands, toilet paper, etc.) and is mostly a personal choice of what to include and what to leave out.
There are two key items that really stand out though. If you plan to be on the move (which it sounds like you will be if you are carrying surveyors tape to mark your path) better make sure you are carrying a map and compass. I firmly believe you should stay where you are in a survival situation (and so do many others). However if you feel you must move from your current location be sure you carry a map and compass and know how to use it.
Nuff said.

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