How to locate water

by Dallas
(Andover, MN, U.S.A)

Well, the easiest way to find water is to look for a large number of animals and vegetation. If animals or small vegetation is abundant, it should mean that water is near by. One problem though... sometimes, a lot of the land is fertile and there may be a large number of animals everywhere.

Another way to find water is to find lower ground. The low ground is where water collects. It flows down hill and gathers in the lowest land it can.

Another solution, although many including myself think it is absolutely discusting, is to drink urine. In other words... pee. I personally would only do this if all of my choices were gone, but it would probably be better than a stream filled with animal poop and chemicals.

Another choice is to gather rain water. This, of course, would only work if it rained or would soon rain. By the way, if any of you have played WolfQuest, a lot of the pictures look like the landscape on that game! I Love WolfQuest

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regarding drinking urine
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

Although I would find it most difficult to do, if I was indeed dying of dehydration I would drink my own urine.

Its been proven that it wont harm one to drink their own urine and it has also been proven to have saved lives.

As disgusting as it is, it is still a valid way to survive if it gets that bad.

A person can find themselves without water through no fault of their own. Be it from a plane crash, a car failure etc.

Its all the same when it comes to dying. We do what we have to to survive.

To try to boil it first presents a number of problems. First, finding the fuel even assuming you have a way handy to start a fire...and a container to boil it in, can be very difficult in a desert terrain.

To try to boil it first is also a huge waste of prescious time and energy and will only concentrate any waste materials in the urine while losing valuable water.

That time and energy would be much better spent on trying to get out of that area and to where there is water.

Again, it will not kill you to drink your own urine and it may indeed very well save your life.

boil it first
by: Anonymous

Yep: do not drink urine:: if anyone be so determined, get him to boil it, first: the stench of that will cure him of the notion. Why is this fool wandering around without water?

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