How To Make An "Indian Fire"

by Charles
(Suwannee County)

You will need three things; a dry, dead, good sized limb (about as big around as your forearm), two smaller dry, dead sticks, and a knife (preferably fixed blade).

Step 1- With your knife, carve a notch about as big a a half dollar coin and about as deep as your thumbnail is long, into the middle of the larger limb.

Step 2- With your knife and one of your smaller sticks shave small, thin, wood shavings and place them into the notch on your larger limb (thin dead grass works too if you have some handy).

Step 3- Place your final small stick into the notch and place your hands around the top of the stick with your fingertips pointing forward. Now, quickly rub your hands back and forth and pressing downwards, spinning the stick in the notch.

When your hands reach the bottom of the stick, place them at the top and repeat until you see smoke and the tinder glowing.

Add more tinder and continue spinning stick in notch. When flame appears, add more tinder and small twigs, then progress on to bigger sticks and limbs.

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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A tip on the Indian Fire
by: Anthony Frailey

I've used this method, just varied on materials at hand...

For your "rubbing stick" at the end that isn't touching the wood, cut a notch straight across it deep enough to put a small diameter string in, and it not slip out.

Tie some string ( shoe string works great ) around your thumbs , keeping your string tight in the notch, to your thumbs as you are "rubbing" the wood for friction.

The string or cord, keeps your hands from slipping down the wood, where you don't have to stop rubbing. Makes it start smoking faster!
Also helps with blisters a bit too... no vertical slipping down of the hands, which causes most the blisters if you have softer hands.

Good, easy tactic.
by: Will

An easy way of doing things. Once it is smoking, try notching it on the side of the hole, and putting tinder under the notch. Or, instead, find a flat piece of wood (preferably cedar or birch) and do the same thing. This makes things much easier to handle.

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