How to make your own rope

by Iris

It is quite easy. You strip the bark of a young branch that is green. Separate the inside of the bark. You will be using the inside not the outside strip to make the rope. The inside is a greenish yellow.

In an emergency, for saving someone etc, you don't have time to braid the rope properly, it is okay just to take the ends and tie together tightly. The strips would still have that half inch to inch flatness but that doesn't make it unworkable.

For a braid, the strips need to be separated into smaller parts. Braid after braid can be added to form thicker braids.

Some people soften the strips in hot boiling water to roll the strips and make a neater rope. With this knowledge a person can use the rope to make a raft etc.

Make sure you have the basic wilderness skills to safely enjoy your trip.

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More on making rope..
by: Wakien

The smaller roots of a number of trees also can be braided or just used as they are for ropes to tie up shelters etc.
Fir trees, pines, etc as well as the roots of a number of vines etc.
Always look around and use what is handy but be sure to leave as little a "footprint" as possible.
Remove the top soil and smaller plants first and set them aside to return them to the top of the soil you disturb.
It only takes a little effort and the earth will heal much faster.

Quick rope
by: Wakien

You can also make a flexable "rope" to tie things with by using a growing small sprout about four - 6 ft tall of something like willow or Alder that is faily thin.
Grab it by the top after stripping the leaves off and begin twisting as hard as you can. You can also begin to twist it into a small circle around your hand as you twist.
When it gets too big to twist..cut it off.
All that twisting and bending makes the twig very flexable and it can then be used straight-away to tie something with.
I am not into using a living tree except under survival situations but it is a handy thing to know.

other things that can be used to make rope/cordage
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

Thanks for that great tip. :)
Here are some other things we can use to make cordage.
Look for the stalks of last years stinging nettles or dry some out after stripping off the leaves and then put them back into a stream for a while before trying to use them.
(save those dried neattle leaves for a tea that is rich in vitimins and minerals.)
Tear the nettle stalks into long shreds and braid or twist.
You can also do this with cattail leaves. Cut the cattail leaves and split them into long strands, dry them out and then place into water for a while to make them easy to work with. Twist as for cordage or braid. You can also just weave the cattail and nettle cordage into baskets and mats too.

for a real rope
by: Shaykh Idris

If you have time, say, all winter, start with a thin,long cord, then double it over, for as many times as gives you the thickness needed {climbing; block & tackle; mooring & anchor} of course, each doubling more than halves the length.

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