How to start a fire

Practice and learn how to start a fire under different conditions and with different fire starting techniques.

Fire starting methods

There are many different fire-starting methods, but they all fall into two categories: modern and primitive methods. Modern starting methods include matches, artificial flint strikers, butane lighters or convex lenses. Primitive fire starting methods include flint&steel, a fire plow and a bow&drill. All primitive methods require a lot of practice to manage.

Start a fire with matches

· Always carry waterproof matches with you. Every match you have is like gold. One match for one fire!

· Make sure you have gathered together all the materials you need before lighting the fire.

· Always light your campfire from the upwind side, shield your fire area with your body or make a windshield with your jacket or other gear before lighting your fire.

· Carefully light the tinder. When the tinder start to burn, use the same match and try to light the tinder on the opposite side.

· Add more tinder slowly, then kindling, and build your fire up gradually.

Fire starting tips

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