Hypothermia treatment

by David

If someone have hypothermia take off their clothes and put new ones on. Put a blanket over the clothes you have taken off and put them by the fire. If the hypothermia is really bad, take off your clothes and their clothes and get in to the same sleeping bag as them and make sure you are close to them because you want to give them your body heat.

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by: Austin

This post on hypothermia treatment was very interesting and helpful. I have this type of hypothermia treatment in the twilight series film, but thought that it is not practical. Now I understood that the idea is practical.

Better Care for Hypothermia
by: Dennis G.

A victim of mild hypothermia is shivering, which produces body heat. Get the victim dry, bundle him or her, and allow the person to slowly warm. High energy drinks and food (no stimulants) will speed warming as will a hot water bottle wrapped in a spare sock and placed by the feet (the hands are holding a hot drink). The victim is NOT warm when he or she feels warm because when the skin warms, the brain thinks the core is warm also. The only reliable indicator of sufficient warming is sweating. When the victim begins to perspire, he or she has excess body heat.

Cold transfer
by: Anonymous

The latest advice now is for the rescuer not to take off their clothes to share body heat because the opposite may take place. The naked rescuer may become too cold to help the victim and in turn become hypothermic.

by: Jill

Ye, this works and is very effective.
And it can be cosy to . . .

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