If you need to survive for a while

by Patrick Jambor
(St.Paul Minnesota)

I decided a while back that there would be a good chance that I would like to disappear in the wilderness for a while if need be. So I created a survival kit that if need be would help me survive in the wilderness for as long as I like. I live in Minnesota mind you, and I've decided that if I do this, I would head in to Canada to do so.

I would bring:

1, A duffle bag
2. An axe head
3. My Bear Gryls survival knife (it has a steel match)
4. My sleeping bag
5. A small tent
6. 100ft of paracord
7. A two piece fishing rod and reel spooled with 25lb power pro
8. A small sleeve of tackle
9. A tin cup
10. My flask
11. My filet knife
12. Broad heads
13. A bow string.
14. Snare Wire

This all fits in my duffle bag and I can carry it easily. It covers you for food, shelter, fire, it gives you something to store and sterilize water in. And you don't even need the sleeping bag, but I figure that if I am going to be in the wilderness for an extended period of time, it would be nice. The tent could be substituted for with a tarp. I am also assuming that you would already be dressed for the weather appropriately. Good luck out there.

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one more thing, maybe?
by: mike s

.22 rifle? Not sure about guns in Minnesota, but a 22 makes eating a lot easier.

by: joey

I dig the list, although I'd use some deep sea fishing line since it has a high tensile strength, I'd also keep some bankline since it possesses multiple applications and it is quite compact in a kit. Maybe lace your boots with some 550 cord for additional lashing, just gut them and use the inner strands, the husk can still lace up your boots. I'd also consider another knife, the BG gerber is an okay camp knife, but I wouldn't dream of an extended trek with it. Try out an Ontario, they're affordable and well built.

by: Patrick Jambor

To Todd Owen: thanks for the advice, I have thought about using a frame pack before but I haven't yet just because they are rather expensive.

by: Todd Owen - Denver

nice basic list, Its great to see some ppl also feel there is no need to bring ''the kitchen sink ''. All to often on many of my hikes i see ppl so weighted down with their gear that it seemd they are not enjoying themselves as they could be. personally i think when the time comes to were i need to carry 50 pounds of stuff to get out and hike , then maybe its time to stop getting out. one suggestion for your bag though. instead of a duffle bag, maybe a lightweight but durable backpack would allow ease of carry. I carry my OSB ( ohshitbag)plus my tent and sleep bag and and food all at under 35 pounds....

Well thought-out...
by: Winyan Staz

Ilike your list...minimum with all one would need.. best of luck out there for you too..

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