Important tips for the ladies

by Winyan Staz
(WA, State, U.S.A.)

Women in the wilderness have needs that are not generally covered in most survival areas, but it is a matter of health and survival, so I feel it needs to be addressed. If you are in a bug-out situation, there are things every woman of child-bearing age needs to have along. However, first I shall tell you a bit about the ancient ways.

The ancient ways

Native American Indian ladies called a woman's monthy time/period by the name of "moontime". Women went to the women's hut and sat around on moss or shredded the inner-lining of the cedar trees for sanitary purposes. They wove soft pads of hair or natural fibers or leather for their needs and used the moss or bark shreds as well.

As the moon time can be painful and difficult for a woman having to be very active at a time of rest for the body is another reason the women went to the lodge where they would be cared for and given teas of herbs to help with their pain.

Women of child bearing age tend to start all having their moon time at the same time when they live together. It was a time of re-newal for women of child bearing age as well as for the body as it was concidered that not only were they shedding the lining of the womb of life but also any negative energy that they may have accumulated during the month.

Todays society does not address these issues and women end up carrying around a large load of negativity and tend to be very edgy just before and during their moontime, blow up at little things etc because of it. Today we call it pms and because as a society we do not deal with it except with chemicals and drugs, the whole family can suffer. This is also why they did not cook or sew at this time as this negativity was thought to go into the food as it was shed, making people sick if they ate that food or wore items that were full of negative energy (that women naturally shed once a month and that men have to work at to shed by going to the sweatlodge.) It also gave women and men a much needed break from each other. :)

The elder females and the young girls cooked and cleaned the camp, took care of the children and helped the women in the moon lodge. Men went to the men's lodge and cooked and ate and did their own work (usually the young men did the chores to learn the skills a hunter needs)at that time as hunters should be able to do. It was not a "taboo" time but more of a sacred and spiritual time and a time to renew the spirits of both men and women. It only became "taboo" as many people forgot the reasons later on.

Women shared women's knowlege and medicine and spiritual songs and stories and ceramonies at that time and men also used this same time to be in the men's sweat lodge and do their own cleansing, sharing, story-telling, chanting, dancing and ceramonies. Because a woman was so strong during her moon-time that they could easily over-power a medicine man's power or men's power is another reason the males and females went to their own lodges and away from each other. Men had to go to a sweatlodge to do the same cleansing that a female did naturally while in moon-time.

Without these ways of cleansing it was thought that negativity would build up and it could make you sick and even effect others around you. You wanted your energy field/spirit to be bright and clean. After this time the men and women came together in councils and told each other what was thought about and needed etc.

As to repeat trouble makers in a survival situation, the old way was to give them some tools to hunt with if possible and something to keep warm with...and then banish them to stay at least five miles away from the group. Those that wished could leave things behind for them to eat or whatever as long as it didnt hurt the group as a whole....but anyone coming back into the five mile radious before their time of banishment was up.. was concidered an attacker and dealt with accordingly. This incouraged people to work out their problems and to be kinder to each other.

When hiking and backpacking

Anyways, with all that said, I would like to suggest to the ladies that unless you want to backpack a whole lot of modern day neccessities make at least six or eight (or however many you wish) of the following items and bring a few small plastic bags along as well. (they will be very light-weight and not add much at all to your pack.

You will need a minimum of 6-8 strips of soft white cotten cloth about 10 1/2 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide. For each of these strips you will also need to make 4 tie-ons/belts that can reach around your hips or waist long enough to tie the ends together.

Sew a small hem all around each rectangle and then fold the rectangle so it overlaps into thirds. Fold the shorter sides so you end up with a folded rectangle about 3 inches wide and ten inches long. Cut and hem another 4 long belts/strips of the same fabric that can fit around your waist or hips long enough to leave room to tie them. Sew a seam along both ends of the rectangle but leave the fold on the top side open. In other will be making a "pocket" that you can tuck some clean dried moss or shredded inner cedar bark layer into...(both of which are highly obsorbing of moisture.)

Sew the two long "belts" onto the ends of the pads. If you neeed to you can make the pads longer or wider or what ever you need of course when you make them. Its a lot like making a string bikini with a place to tuck the pads into inside the folds.

If you wish to pack them along, you can also make some home made smaller pads to tuck into the strips. However it will greatly increase your cleansing chores in the long run and you will have to make a goodly number more as the pads, being thicker, will take much longer to dry after being cleaned. Be sure to not use fabric with dyes as this can cause reactions and problems.

Clean all blood stains out with cold water only of course. Then you can wash them in hot boiling water. Dry your belts and pads in the sun if possible to aid in disinfecting.

Use your plastic bags to carry and bury all used moss or bark far away from camp. Some like to make a little ceremony of getting rid of negativity as they dispose of the waste. Don't bury the plastic bags of course. Re-wash the plastic bags in cold water and then rense them in hotter water (not too hot) and dry them in the sun so you can use them again to carry the waste next month.

As you travel or at camps.. keep the use of one of your plastic bags to gather enough moss or shredded inner cedar bark to dry and use for your next moon.


When a woman is on her moontime, it will attract male bears as it is very simular to a female bear in heat scent. Needless to say the male bears are not happy when they dont find a female bear. This is why women and their partners have sometimes been attacked in the past. Women on their moontime need to be aware of this and so do the warriors protecting them. That being said...if you have small children you will want to make the same things for them to use as diapers.

Wild animals

It helps to keep wild animals well away from a camp if males (and females NOT on their moon) will "mark the territory" in several places all around the far perimaters of a camp area with urine. That tells the animals that humans are up ahead and they will turn and/or go around.

While we are talking about camp safety dont forget to keep the little ones close and a sharp eye on them as preditors will take them if the animal is hungry enough. If it is safe to do so, making a bit of noise like beating together two sticks (singing sticks) and/or singing songs or chants as you move will give animals time to get out of the area, and let the preditors know there are a lot of you. It will also keep the children happy and occupied as well as letting them have a bit of fun and make the journey easier for everyone.

Walking speed

Moving as a group should be slow enough to do any gathering or harvesting as needed as you pass along the trail or area and to not give the grandmothers and grandfathers heart attacks or wear everyone out. If you can, spread out to cover more possiblities of finding food, medicines or whatever is needed as you pass. It also leaves less sign as there is less wear and tear in any one area. In the evening, share with the group what you found or what you saw that day as it might be important. For example like if you saw a lot of sign of rabbits or certain plants in an area that are not quite ripe. Then later people can set snares there or come back to harvest the plants.

(If it was something you already know is very important like a fresh cougar track, or a good supply of food, etc, you should tell others right away of course)

Bathrooms . . .

One last thing. If you are moving with a group of people in a bug-out situation... have two different bathrooms and two seperate wash up and bathing in the water areas. It will help keep the peace which is extremely important in a group. Bathrooms should be well away from the area and done so waste can be covered later.

In bathing you will need one upstream (where water is in a pool with a shallow end is best) for the women warriors,(yes women can be warriors too), women and small children and another one for the male warriors and young men in the other direction. Only gather water for cooking, etc. from above the two washing areas of course. Do not forget to post guards.

Take care of each other

It is far easier to survive and even live well with everyone doing their part. It is much harder to survive alone in the wilderness. We will need everyone if it comes to that. Some are needed for the things they can do, some for their knowledge and everyone because we are all related/One. It will no longer be the care-free camping out of the past in a bug-out but a time to take great care of each other.

Be safe..and smile often....namaste...

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Knowledge is a precious gift
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

You are most welcome David Vernon, I am happy to share what I can.
I was most fortunate in my childhood as my early teachers were Elders of the Blackfoot and the Northern Cheyenne Nation.
That was many, many, way too many moons ago and I am now an Elder myself.
As a small child I had repeat Lucid Dreams of the things I now see happening in the world today.
It is largely due to those vision dreams that I have studied survival, learned as much as I have been able to about plants and am willing to stick my neck out to help others today.
So if you have questions, I am happy to help if I can.

Always more to learn.....
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

Its true. Predators of all kinds will follow a blood scent from miles away if the wind blows right.

Another reason little ones were watched closely and kept in the middle of the camp where there were more eyes to see.

Same with the women.

A True Spiritual Warrior can be male or female..and their true calling is protecting the clan...helping the helpless, defending the weak.

When each is acting according to harmony and to the best of their own abilities, all goes well.

As to moon time, there are also wild herbs that will help a female with the pain and discomfort.

Here is a link with wild herbs that can help with a woman's moon problems as well as many other treatments for ailments and disease.

Learn your will save you life and the life of those you love.

Aprox. 85% of Native food supplies were plants and herbs. If you don't learn the plants you will go hungry when you don't need to if or when all goes bad in our economy etc.

NEVER eat a plant you don't know unless it is first tested. Look up the ways to test a it BEFORE you need it.....
Peace to you and yours...

Moon Time
by: David Vernon

Thank you so much for this teaching. I came here to learn and that is exactly what happened. I wanted to know what a woman would do in a survival or wilderness situation for her moon. (my wife didn't know either) I am of native american heritage, but my elders are long gone away to the spirit world and not available to teach me of those ways anymore. They do put people in my path like you though. As a man, I do know the ways of the wilderness and I was a scout in the army. But, however, as far as women go, my knowledge was lacking. Thanks again.

regardless 74
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your information, these facts fascinate me,.
But I would like to comment on bear and menstruation, .. regardless if the bear is attracted to sent for sexual intention. The fact that remains, is wild animals that are carnivorous will track almost any blood sent. You can never be to cautious. ? Oh and by the way ovulation commonly occurs 14 days from are start date. So if your worried about that time. Example if your menstrual cycle lasts seven days, than you will most likely ovulate in seven days.. etc and so on..

This is what its all about.
by: Todd Owen Denver,Co

This is why we both come here. I come to learn just as much information as I try to leave behind w everyone. Being able to discuss w others the many wonderful things I've witnessed and seen first hand while still being able to take in even more from others own life lessons. I appreciate all that you bring to this page. One can never obtain too much info on a life lesson.

re: tips for the ladies
by: Winyan Staz

Thanks for your great comments. :)
I didnt base my mention about bears and women on their moon on any study.
I based it on living in Wyoming near the Yellowstone where the majority of people killed when I was living around that area and up in Montana for 18 yrs as a kid growing up there..were campers that were dragged out of their sleeping bags when one of the females was on her moon.
In fact, Yellowstone Park has issued warnings about it.
Also as a Native American, I am aware of the stories told by Elders I have known as to why the women's hut was always so closely guarded.
It was to protect the women from the grizzlies etc.
Regardless, its always better to be safe than sorry. :)
Keep up the great posts :)
It is encouraging to others and helps us learn when people like you share their knowledge. :)
Peace to you and yours...

Bears and " Moontime "
by: Todd Owen - Denver,Co

Winyan, you and I both comment on this site I believe more than anyone, however I have to throw in a small bit of info regarding one of your remarks.It seems back 2004 a group got together in Alaska and did an indepth study on this exact fact. They determined that Brown Bears and Grizzly Bears show no more or less interest in a woman during her monthly cycle than they would if she were not ovulating. However, and this is a quote " Polar bears are MORE likely to attack a woman while she is ovulating due to the scent she releases is identical to that of what a polar bear perceives as a seal ". Great post by the way.... Thanks

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