Inexpensive rifles

by Tim
(Louisville,KY.&the road)

New England Firearms (NEF ) makes HANDI-RIFLES. These are inexpensive rifles and shotguns in various calibers/gauges.The receiver can be sent to the factory to have other barrels fitted, and they will do a free trigger job upon a request. I have a .17HMR with a bull barrel and synthetic stocks that I bought new for $150.00.

I spent another $66.00 on a scope and $40.00 on a Choate survivor hollow butt stock. The butt stock has a thumbscrew to allow storage of things inside, they also make a forend. I think it might create barrel vibrations, so I didn't get one.

I am going to get a trigger job and 12 gauge barrel soon. The rifle weighs 7lbs before modifications. It seems heavy but when you consider the compactness and lightweight of the cartridges, it allows you to carry a lot of ammo which means more possible meals. A lighter gun of a larger caliber would cause you to carry less cartridges to achieve the same weight. I personally went for the heavier gun and more cartridges.

The .17HMR will reach out to 200 yards so you really don't need anything bigger. If you were in an evasion scenario the report would also be less than that of a center fire rifle. They don't kick either, and with the addition of a thumbscrew on the forend you can break it down to fit in your pack.

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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