Keeping Survival Kits TOO small....

by Todd Owen
(Denver, Colorado - USA)

As an avid Wilderness Guy, I am always seeking out new things and better ways to make my back country hikes more enjoyable. I am always reading about new gadgets and new ways to build things.
Lately, I have seen a huge trend towards making these tiny little "ALTOID MINT SURVIVAL TINS".

First of all, just knowing there are people out there who want to at least make an effort to be semi prepared is a great thing. However, trying to come up with the smallest thing you can find and cramming as much as you possibly can inside of it, is not a great idea. I'm not saying we need to carry the kitchen sink in our kits, but we should all be just a little more realistic about how we are prepared in the real world.

I'm not going to give a hundred examples on what YOUR kit needs compared to mine, I will say this though, THINK about your own area, the city you live in, the city's and areas outside your "home base". These things will determine if and what you need to carry with you.

I live in Denver, Colorado. We have some of the most unpredictable weather systems in the world here. Most everyone in this state carry a back pack. It usually has a few items in it, just in case the weather gets crazy. I usually have a an extra Hoodie in mine, something to read, a flash light, batteries, etc,etc,etc.

My point being is, become realistic on being prepared. Stuffing a small tin box with fishing lures and band aids is ok, but what about having to get by if something really goes wrong, and you need to survive for 3 days.

I encourage anyone who is getting together any kits to look at a minimum of 4 days worth of supplies. Remember it took FEMA a week to get water to the victims of Katrina. Follow the RULE OF 3, 3 minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food...

Happy Survival to you all and Merry Christmas.

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great and useful
by: patrick

Yes I am with you my friend. This concerned about the survival and safety. And to me this safety is more important than anything. So I usually does not look the size of the survival kit. The use is the key point

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