Leaves that can help

by Winyan Staz
(WA state)

For either using them to serve food on like plates or to cook your food in the firepits with or to use in your personnal cleaning needs. You need to learn which leaves are safe to use and how to use them.

Skunk cabbage leaves are great for placemats, food wrapping and serving and for drying things on. They also make a good berry basket or an impromptu rain hat. You can cook with both skunk cabbage and burdock leaves.

To wrap your food, simply slice the thicker part of the center stem down to make the leaf easier to bend etc.. and then simply hold the green leaf for a few seconds over the heat of your campfire. It makes them soft and very flexable.

Thimbleberry, burdock and skunk cabbage leaves also make good wipe when you need it. You can also use the large vine maple leaves for these things. All the larger leaves can be bent into a basket shape and the stems woven into the leaves to held them in place and to make a carrying basket.

If you are drying food, cut some stems of st. john's wort and lay them over the food..it will keep the bugs and flys away. Cedar needles and cedar bark will keep fleas away. If you use them to smudge your debree hut.. it will also chase away all the spiders.

Marigold, mint, st johns wort, garlic and basil are all good ones to use for bug repellant just to name a few of the leaves that can help you survive.

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A good point...
by: Winyan Staz

You are correct as those are also some great examples of leaves that are safe and handy to use for food.

It's always best to use the leaves you know well in your area of the world.

Grape leaves are also widely used to wrap food in...

The more we know our local plants, the easier life is in the wild.

I forgot one of the softest leaves to use :)
by: Anonymous

Don't forget the use of mullian leaves..the uses for mullien leaves is that dried they make a great tea for moving flem out of the lungs.
They are great to lay over food while drying to keep the bugs off too.
While fresh they are sooo soft that they are the best for use at the toilet areas..

Good comment..
by: Winyan Staz

I agree with you on that one. Under ideal conditions that would be the best and most sanitary way to go.
Unfortunatly in the wilderness we dont always find ourselves in the ideal spot...or with the right stuff.
Of course we never want to use the facilities anywhere close to water sources anyways but it is not always possible to have enough water with you.
In those cases, knowing what is safe to use can save a lot of trouble and pain.
Just ask any newbie to the wilderness who though they might be able to use the soft leaves of the stinging nettle or some poison ivy or maybe grabbed some poison oak etc.
I am just saying to those not as aware as you my friend...to be safe and know what to use in your area. :)

by: Shaykh Idris

Washing after use is best done with wetted fingers, after which one may wipe dry: never wipe first & wash after. Up to you,but think about it.

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