LED flashlight

by Brian
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

An example of a modern LED flashlight

An example of a modern LED flashlight

Recently, LEDs have found their way into all kinds of applications, but one of the most important, especially for those who camp, hike or even drive to remote locations, is the LED flashlight. The LEDs used as a light source are highly unlikely to fail and produce much more light than traditional designs. Some of the newest LED flashlights can literally produce 10 times or more light output than incandescent lights using less energy, and thus providing longer battery life.

An advantage offered by some of these lights is the ability to signal with them. A flashlight based on the newest LED technology can be spotted from miles away. I have one from a well-known manufacturer of heavy duty flashlights that uses three AA batteries and produces more light than a 12V lantern does, while weighing much less. There are other manufacturers that produce similar lights, some of which have a press-on button on the rear of the flashlight. These are the best for signaling.

You will pay $30 or more for one of these, but that money may just save your life one day.

Even with the extended battery life provided by these new flashlights, it is still recommended that you keep plenty of spare batteries and even a backup flashlight with you on a trip.

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Cheaper handsfree LED's

I purchased some headband mounted LED lights at WAL-MART.They are energizer brand and hold up well,the three AAA batteries last about 12/13 hours of constant use.The cost is good also at $11.00+- batteries included.They make two different ones,trust me I have both.Buy the one with the slide switch because it produces better light than the pushbutton one does.
By the light being mounthed on an adjustable elastic headband it frees your hands up.In a survival situation this could give you the double advantage of being able to light your sites as well as freeze the animal if night hunting.This method is for life or death situations only.
It also allows you to work with heavy mitts or gloves on and still be able to see.If it was extremely cold out and you had no gloves you could see and still have your hands in your warm pockets.
I have been exploreing caves for the last 25+ years and I currently use these lamps uderground.
I have used them in the caves and hunting for the last 6 years and haven't had a failure yet.
They are not waterproof and it might be difficult to change the batteries if your hands were extremly cold.

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