Lifecaps and water

by Tolteca
(Salt lake - Dove Creek)

I just spent 13 days in the desert with my backpack and pistol. Do you know where Golden Spike National Historic Site is? Look it up on a map in Google, then look for Park valley Utah which is Northwest from Golden Spike.

I started in Corrine, right next to the Golden Spike National Site. I want to tell you what I had and what I did.

First I want to tell you why. Golden Spike is where the Eastern Railroad & the Western Railroad met and the first coast to coast transit was formed. Anyway, why I spent 13 days in the Desert is I have property at Dove Creek, which is west of Park Valley and has the same kind of terrain and I wanted to see if I could survive if I had to.

Water was tough, it only rained once and I filled everything I could, I scooped up muddy water and let the dirt settle to the bottom.

I had one of those 2 dollar ponchos in my pack and it became my water catcher and it worked great. I have a couple of those filter straws that filter the water as you drink. I recommend them, they are easy to carry and take up little spage. They are made by Aquamira. Google for the best price

I ate MRE's, apples, beef jerky and took Lifecaps for 13 days. The Lifecaps are awesome, all natural, keep your blood sugar level, vitamins and minerals even Iodine. Since they are all
natural they are absorbed by your body within 20 minutes.

You can live on water and Lifecaps. They take up very little room, you can carry 3 months worth in one small pocket of your pack.

wilderness survival
I did have some Protein bars also. Next time, I will fill my pack with protein bars, Lifecaps and the rest with water (as far as food goes.) My first aid kit and the rest of my gear would still be there. I never had to start a fire. The days were so hot that the cool night was a blessing.

It was supposed to be a 10 day trip but without a GPS it was difficult for me to always be heading in the right direction. I thought I was heading more West Than North and on day 8 I saw the Freeway #30. I was tempted to hitch a ride but did'nt I back tracked and went West & Northwest.

I do not know what I would have done without that day of rain and the Lifecaps. I would take fiber pills twice a day, it gives you a full feeling. Water... If it was not for the rain, I do not know what I would have done.

Two days I acted as if I had no water with me and tried to find water, crush roots and grass. If it would not have rained, I would have run out of water and it would have been really hard, I need to learn how to find water better.

I hope this helps. I really learned a lot and I will be better prepared next year. I am going to do a 7 day in October, which will be cooler and possibly snow. I will tell you about it.

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tips on water finding
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

The articles here on Finding water will help you but it will also help if you learn to look for the signs.
One of the easiests to see is that the vegitation is much greener and brighter..and look at the base of rocks, cliffs and ridges where water may have run off.
It will help you as well to learn how to build a solar still.
Pay close attention to any worn animal trails or paths you might run across as they will always lead to water sooner or later.
There are certain desert plants that have a lot of moisture that you can eat/ do a little homework before you head out next time and you will suffer less. :) Good luck on your practicing your skills.

by: Anonymous

To let you know, you can get the lifecaps at & save 33% by using coupon code "healthcaps".
Just google for auquamira water filter straw for the best price of the filter straws, dont buy from aquamira home site though, I have found them for 1/2 the price on other sites. Carry a good hand pump water filter is even better.

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